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About Gbvazque

Guillermo B. Vazquez

Information Technology Professional that loves new technologies, with more than 18 years implementing systems, and SAP Products. The latest technology innovation ,where I’m dedicating my Professional life, is the In-Memory Technology.

My academic background, I have a Graduate degree in Technology Management from the University of Pennsylvania and The Wharton Business School, my undergrad is in Information Technology, heavily specialized in Systems Design, and Strategy.

I’m an Senior Manager working for a Global  Lead Technology Advisory firm, Leading the Business analytics SAP HANA Center of Excellence in the US. I worked for SAP America for many years where I had the chance to start pioneering the SAP HANA Technology.

I’m a Global Citizen, who had lived in more than four countries as a Permanent Resident. Mexico, Australia, Saudi Arabia, USA, and I had work in more than 45 countries in four different continents.

I love all cultures, defined by food, religion and music.

** Legal Disclaimer :My opinions reflected in my articles, are totally independent and not related to my current employer opinions.

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